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Free Party Planning Guide, D-Day Minus Four Weeks

Decide on a party date and time. Be certain you do not have conflicts with other important events and that "best friends" etc are available. Sometimes changing the day of the week or the time of the party can avoid these problems. Bring the birthday child in on the planning.

Figure out who and how many children to invite. Friends, classmates relatives etc. One guide line suggestion is that the number of children invited should be equal to the child's age plus two. This number does not include adults. It is not an iron clad rule however an ideal party for a six year old would be about eight kids. Try not to go much over this number. The guide is an ideal or target number only.

Their are several decisions you will have to make and the earlier you make them the easier things become It is important to decide on the parties Theme. Parties with a theme are much more interesting and fun for the kids. I recommend Magic to ensure the parties success. All kids love magic so you can be sure it will be a winner. Make a list of how much of everything you will need, decorations, invitations, include paper plates, napkins, plastic knives and forks. Plan what type of food, and finger food you want to serve. Pizza, long sandwiches, hot dogs, work fine. It does not have to be elaborate. Plan the decoration for the cake. For a Magic Theme Party a Top Hat with a rabbit coming out of it is great or merely a top hat with a cane. A Harry Potter reference will look good. Napkins, plates etc.. should be black or magical. Accessories with Harry Potter pictures are available and just right. You can find them at any retail Party Store.  If you intend to hire a magician start looking for one at least a month in advance. Good magicians get booked early. Tables and adult chairs make the party comfortable for adults. Plan your party favor bag. 

Free Party Planning Guide, D-Day Minus Three Weeks

It is time to write up and address invitations. See my free invite for a free download of Magic invitations Ask for an RSVP. Keep a count of how many accept so you can judge the amount of food and supplies to purchase.

Plan the games and activities you would like to use. Most parties run about two hours. Have an extra game ready in case you need it.

Decide where to hold the party. If you plan to have a Magician, Do not have the show Outdoors if at all possible. What might look like a great day is a disaster to a Magician. If you are worried about the mess have the games and food outside and only the show indoors. No matter where you hold it do not serve or have food available in the show area.

If possible arrange to get a friend, another parent or relative volunteer to help on the day of the party. They can help in picking up last minute stuff at the store, decorating or in managing the kids while you are busy.


Free Party Planning Guide, D-Day Minus One Week

Order, or bake, the cake. Order or prepare and freeze any foods you will need. Confirm any orders placed. Chairs, tables, etc. If appropriate, allow the birthday child's brothers or sisters to invite one special friend so they will not feel left out. Make a final plan of activities, delegate responsibilities to volunteers. Pick up party supplies at local party store. Projects, such as making the Party Decorations, Party Hats etc. are great to get all of your children involved.

Free Party Planning Guide, D-Day Minus Two or Three Days

Buy last minute food such as chips, dips, hot dogs, buns, etc. Order balloons. Buy batteries film and flash bulbs. Get Video Camera ready. Call any invited guest who hasn't responded. 

Free Party Planning Guide, D-Day Minus One

Pick up the cake, balloons, any last minute needed items. Decorate the party area. Go through area and look for things which could be broken or which could possibly hurt a child. Get candles. Arrange for pets to be out of the way and comfortable.

Free Party Planning Guide, D-Day Minus Zero

Set out nonperishable foods. Prepare foods that you planned on cooking. Put several balloons outside your home so your guests can find your home easily. Remember to have fun.

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