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Children's Party

All of my shows are aimed at 4 to 9 year olds. (Over 9 and they say I'm an adult this is for kids) Within this range, I will guarantee a good show for whatever the occasion.  At a special event where the show is to be held in a hall or large room I can now make the birthday child float to finish off the show.

I have specialised in entertaining kids full time for over 17 years, and feel that I can give the best sort of shows for them. I have lots of  different Birthday Shows, so even if you have seen me before, I can bring a different show. I also have special shows, based on Halloween and Christmas themes.

I offer a 45 minute show, a 1 hour show, and a 2 hour party. The average party is 2 hours. (Trust me you don't want it any longer kids get very bored very quickly)

Also available (At a slight extra cost I'm afraid) Large Balloon Sculptures for the Birthday child, see the photo of me and Donald, or a bike, or the Pink Panther etc, just ask for more details.

First the bad news 

AGES:- I can't entertainer under 4's  I can get away with children 3.5 and older but under that age they don't have a clue what is going on.  If you are planning a party for under 4's forget an entertainer and just book a bouncy castle. However if there's only 1 or 2 toddlers then they would need to be kept with the parents.

I insist that they NOT be plonked at the front of the audience by their parents.  I know this seems harsh but after over 19 years of doing this I know exactly what will happen.  They get bored and will then stand up and wander about,  as the older children see this they think they are permitted to do this and follow suit, you have just lost the audiences attention in 1 fell swoop.  If they're kept at the back with the parents and they get restless it can then be left to parent to handle as they normally would. So please, keep the little ones with the parents/guardians as this will make it more enjoyable for all, I am there to entertain not be a child minder

NUMBERS:- To be in with a fighting chance of being able to offer you the best type of show and in creating a good atmosphere, there needs to be at least 12-15 + children. It really is more the merrier. A lower number can inhibit the children from shouting out and/laughing and joining in. After 1000's of shows over the years I will only try to offer the best advice I can. I have built up a good reputaion over the years and do not want to ruin it by doing a show where I feel It would be difficult to get a great party going. However after you have seen this and still want to book meI will happily take your money ;-) Just please don't say I didn't try to warn you of the possible problems.

Here's how a typical 2 hour party will run.  For example 12-2.  I start the show at 12.15 as you need to allow 15 minutes for the children to come in, settle down and hand over cards pressies etc.  The magic show lasts from 45 - 60 minutes depending on the age of the children, finishing around 1 - 1.15pm.  Then it's over to mum to feed them while I pack the magic away.  As soon as they have eaten and blown out the candles and sang happy birthday, it's back to me to finish off the party for however long is left.  This can be anywhere between 40 and 10 minutes.  The faster you feed them the more time is left.  I don't as a rule play pass the parcel as it can waste more time than it's worth in getting everyone sorted out.  I do ask that you provide the prizes, (sweets normally) enough for all the children to get something, i.e. Haribo, Heroes, Celebrations etc.

See below to view or download your own party invite that you can send to your guest. You can personalise it if you wish!

A few points when booking for a children's entertainer.

*Never book a children's entertainer on an advertisement alone. Ask friends or other parents at school for a recommendation. Do not hesitate to ask the performer who he has worked for in the past If he/she has done shows for schools and councils they always check on performers.

*Adults are more than welcome at a child's party, but remember that you are paying good money for a live entertainer. Try to encourage the adults to join in. Don't just sit at the back and talk, it can be very distracting for the children, and the entertainer, if adults are making a noise, or moving about while the show is on.

* DISRUPTIVE CHILDREN  Occasionally you will get a child that will not behave.  I am sorry but these are YOUR problem I am afraid.  If I spot a child that may become unruly I will normally ask you to sit them at the back.  Remember YOU are paying me  money to entertain YOUR child. Not to continually tell some little Herbert to behave and spoiling YOUR child's birthday.

*Aim to keep party food as simple as possible, children are not impressed by huge buffets. It is much easier to wrap up a plate of food or a party box and give one to each child during the food break. Children love this, as they are less dependant on the adults and feel grown up. It is quicker than queuing for food, easier to clean up and cheaper. Anyone with special diet requirements are not made to feel different as the children all appear to have the same.
*Choose your date carefully - avoid clashes with other events (school fairs, other parties, holidays, etc) it would be awful to organize Your party and no-one can make it.

*Send out invitations early remembering to ask for details of any allergies or special diet requirements to be included on the RSVP section. I have worked at many parties where some children cannot eat the food due to allergies or religious reasons.

*Parties can be stressful. Always try to book an experienced entertainer for the full length of the party and let them do the work, unless you are very confident that you can cope. This can be expensive. Why not try to find a friend with a party around the same time, double up and share the cost? After all it is only once a year.

*A party at home sounds good, but just think what 20 "little tornadoes" running around will do to the furnishings. Try to book a village hall or a room in a pub if you can, it makes for a less stressful party, and if your "little darling" insists on inviting the whole class from school, they can!

*A party in the garden also sounds good - unless it's raining - see above! Even if there is a heat wave, kids can burn easily/get stung and kill plants.

*Babies and/or animals and parties do not mix. Screaming/shouting/running about and bursting balloons all have to be taken into consideration.

*Book early. Most entertainers will take a provisional booking until you sort out times/venue etc.

*Keep headache tablets close by

At The Party

  • Tie balloons to the front door to guide guest to the party.
  • Save party horns, squeakers and balloons until after the magic show as even the loudest microphone cannot compete with this combination of noises.
  • As you check off guests arriving at the party get a contact number from the parents who are not staying in case of emergencies.
  • Stick name badges on each guest - your child will know everyone but you may not. 
  • Leave a table spare to put the presents on to be enjoyed at the end of the party, bring extra bags to the party so that you can carry the birthday gifts home easily.
  • Try and persuade parents to leave, the ones who stay tend to chat loudly at the back of the room spoiling the show for the children. Don't be surprised if your entertainer asks the parents to be quiet (first rule of children's entertaining - keep control of the situation at all times!)
  • Do ensure that a responsible adult remains in the room at all times, your entertainer is not a child minder.
  • If you are doing your own games, plan well in advance and have more than you think you will need, try to avoid elimination games for younger children - they all want to be winners and cry when they are 'out'. Stock up on prizes for the games. 

Don't Forget

  • Batteries and film for the camera
  • Matches to light the cake, extra serviettes for the birthday cake, the cake!
  • Kitchen roll and cloths for spillages, wipes for sticky hands and faces
  • Extra party bags for siblings who may stay unexpectedly, plenty of bin bags for all the rubbish!


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You can insert your own guests' details on the card.

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